Pick Up Your Prescription Without a Hitch

Choose us for fast and easy prescription refills in Opelousas, LA

Whether you recently started taking medication or you've been on it for years, Acadiana Pharmacy is here to make sure you have easy access to prescription refills in Opelousas, LA.

Here's what makes us a great fit for you:

  • We don't have long wait times
  • You can sign up for automatic refills
  • Your copay stays the same with your insurance
  • We can tell you how to administer your medicine
  • We take the time to call and check on our clients

For personalized service tailored to your needs, come by our local pharmacy today to get a prescription refill. We look forward to serving you.

What are the benefits of a community pharmacy?

In comparison to larger retail pharmacies, Acadiana Pharmacy provides tailored services that can’t be found elsewhere. While picking up your prescription refill, you’ll experience:

  • Personable encounters — you can trust that our pharmacy won’t just care about your prescription, we’ll also care for you
  • Long-lasting relationships — the pharmacists you meet aim to build real relationships with real people
  • Attention to detail — we’ll provide detailed and precise service, from handling prescription transfers to prescription refills.

We hope to be your preferred pharmacy in the near future. Get in touch with our local pharmacy for your prescription refills or a prescription transfer in Opelousas, LA.